Strategic Planning (K. Linton)

In the lifecycle of every organization, there comes a time when you need to discover – or rediscover – your core purpose and strategic goals. Our proven strategic planning methodology provides collaboration that goes beyond discussions with the executive leadership team. Establishing corporate goals and targets require input from all employees and your customers. Building an effective strategic plan requires:

  • Accurate and inspirational purpose statement (vision & mission);
  • Strategic goals with performance metrics for clear direction and a way to measure results;
  • A practical tactical plan that outlines a sequence of actions identifying who is responsible for what.

With real-life experience combined with years of working with cities and towns across, Kelly is well-positioned to provide expert strategic planning for municipal governments. With his refreshing facilitation style and unparalleled deliverable quality, he has broken the same-old, same-old, template-based strategic planning mold.

Strategic Program Management (M. Linton)

Michelle has built a solid reputation helping organizations with their execution of strategic change. She has significant experience working with executives and their teams to drive strategic initiatives; implement business process improvements; and manage internal change projects. Her facilitation skills and agile project management experience help progressive leaders plan, drive change, and overcome obstacles to achieve results. Areas of expertise include:

  • Driving strategic initiatives (planning to execution).
  • Strategic program management / change management / agile project management.
  • Business process improvement / organizational design / capability development
  • Stakeholder management and alignment / leadership facilitation.

Organization Review/Design (K. Linton)

From widespread organizational restructuring to minor reconfiguration assignments, Linton Consulting Services has a proven track record of supporting clients through the change process. Recognizing that organizational design is not just about rearranging boxes on an org chart, we use an investigative approach to uncover the root causes of organizational problems. While every project is unique and our approach is tailored to our clients, our experience teaches us that effective organization design includes the following characteristics:

  • Organizational capacity to achieve strategic goals.
  • Customer experience is a primary factor in building out roles/responsibilities and expectations.
  • Roles/responsibilities clearly defined to eliminate duplication of effort and functional gaps.
  • Business areas that effectively cluster similar/dependent functions reflecting the most efficient/effective way to get work done.
  • Balanced span of authority and workloads.
  • Effective leadership development and succession planning.

Specialized Services

In addition to the above services Linton Consulting Services also provides the following services:

  • Performance management
  • Municipal Council-staff Relations
  • Leadership development
  • Executive facilitation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Core values
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